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Moving with a Pet? Here are some tips.

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

How to Successfully Downsize with a Pet

Downsizing has myriad benefits, including making housework more manageable, potentially freeing up capital, and letting you move to a more desirable area. However, pets make the process a little more complex. It's important to care for your pet throughout the process while ensuring their presence doesn't affect the sale.

Start the Mortgage Process Early

Obtaining a mortgage can take some time. That's why you should start your research early. Along with looking at lenders, get an understanding of available mortgage interest rates (click here for more information), regardless of whether you're on the hunt for a VA, FHA, or conventional mortgage.

Shield Buyers from Pet Evidence

You may love your pet, but buyers may dislike pet odors or be turned off by the presence of an animal. Consider the following steps.

• Take your pet elsewhere during showings, like a friend's house or boarder

• Thoroughly clean your home to remove hair and odors

• Let your real estate agent know about your pet so they can work around it

Keep Your Pet Happy

Keeping your pet happy is important, too. Ensure that the new, smaller home is suitable for your pet's needs before you commit. Line up arrangements for where your pet will be during the move itself. If your pet will be traveling by car or air, check hotel and airline pet policies, and work with your pet to get them comfortable in their travel kennel or carrier. Prepare a pack of essential items, such as food and any medicine your pet needs. Finally, check in with your veterinarian to see what advice they have.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Items

Downsizing is a great opportunity to declutter. Old books and clothes, for instance, are prime candidates for donation. Additionally, remove items your pet has damaged.

Take Care of Routine Maintenance

While downsizing with a pet may be a busy time, it's important to not let routine maintenance slide. For instance, keeping your HVAC system in good working order is essential, as buyers won't be as interested in a home with clunky heating or cooling. Other maintenance tasks include replacing broken window screens and keeping your gutters free of debris. Neglecting the latter is particularly fraught, as gutters are responsible for moving water safely away from your home.

Hiring gutter professionals is a way to free up your time and put your gutters in the hands of experienced people with the proper tools. Gutter pros can also identify problems and provide advice regarding repairs or replacements. The typical cost for gutter cleaning ranges from $106 to $167, but bigger projects can go up to $350.

Handle Bigger Repairs

Likewise, if there are larger repairs your current home needs, be sure to tackle them. For instance, cracked windows may be an eyesore for potential buyers, whereas leaking pipes will make them wonder about issues like water damage. Also repair any damage your pets have caused, such as clawed carpets or chewed door frames.

Downsizing Can Be Easy

Downsizing with your pet will hopefully end with you finding a great new home for you both. During the process, keeping the needs of your pet and potential buyers in mind will help you and your animal move smoothly.

Realtor Raymond Maestas can help you locate the perfect home for your entire family — pets included! Get in touch with Raymond today by calling 510-932-2964.

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