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Stage Your Home Naturally and Beautifully for Selling Success

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Homeowners who are preparing to put their houses on the market should not forget to put a little time and thought into the staging process. Home staging involves arranging furniture and décor, and preparing interiors to look their best on screen, prior to showcasing a home on the market. Keep in mind, though, that staging your home may involve more effort than simply rearranging the objects in it. Raymond Maestas of eXp Realty lists some of the areas you need to focus on when getting ready to stage your home for sale.

Do a thorough decluttering

Before you do anything else to prepare your home to show buyers, you’ll need to get rid of items that you don’t want or need and are just taking up space.

● Walk through each room of your house and look for clutter. Make it a point to remove items like piles of old magazines that are off-putting to potential buyers. When you declutter, you free up the living space as well, making rooms look larger than before and opening up the floorplan.

● See which items can be reused, repurposed, or recycled, for responsible and eco-friendly decluttering.

● Clothing, tools, toys, and other objects that are in good condition, but which you don’t need, can be given to charity.

● As often as possible, compost or look for other green ways to dispose of garbage.

Deal with any obvious issues in your home.

Think of this as preparing the backdrop by making sure everything is clean, updated, and in good repair.

● Update anything that looks stale or outmoded. This might mean new kitchen fixtures, stylish window fittings, or upgraded, eco-friendly appliances.

● A great kitchen upgrade that will help keep your kitchen clean is a new range hood.

● If your walls or trim need a fresh coat of paint, try to find natural, chemical-free

● Do a deep clean: you want to make sure everything looks clean and fresh, not dusty, or dingy. Look for sustainable, natural, and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Arrange home décor and furnishings in an attractive and minimalist manner.

Less is more when it comes to staging a home for sales, especially if you are emphasizing the natural and sustainable.

Don’t forget to depersonalize by removing items such as family pictures, or sports trophies, before redecorating.

● You can temporarily change your walls with removable peel and stick wallpaper.

● Go for understated accents such as linen table runners in earth tones, or carved wood décor. Try to purchase from local and ethically sourced vendors.

● In bedrooms, use natural fabrics and textures, such as linen quilt covers, to hint at earth-friendly comfort.

● Buy art pieces from local artists and craft persons—remember, you can take these pieces with you when you move!

Some people even opt to hire a professional home stager to maximize their house’s appeal, but in most cases, it makes more sense to save money and do it yourself, especially if you want to make sure the overall aesthetic is green and sustainable. Save your money and hire a professional photographer or videographer to capture your home, once your staging work is done.

If you’re putting your house on the market, consult real estate professional Raymond Maestas for all your real estate needs.

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