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Tips for a Profitable Basement Remodel

A finished basement can go a long way in adding value to your home when you’re preparing to sell. But before beginning your basement remodel, you’ll want to keep several factors in mind in order to increase your home’s value and, ultimately, profit.

Here are 3 tips to help you make the most out of your remodeling project:

Think Open & Versatile

While you may be a fan of specific styles and layouts, you’ll appeal to a wider range of homebuyers by keeping your basement space open and versatile. The open layout will allow any future owners to choose how to use the space - whether they’d prefer to create a home office or a playroom for their children.

Open space is popular for a reason, but be sure not to make the space too trendy. Any future owners will then be free to redecorate as they choose.

Keep The Elements In Mind

Basements are extremely vulnerable to the elements - specifically water and temperature. Keeping your basement dry means understanding how the space accumulates water as it is now. If the space floods during periods of heavy rainfall, you’ll want to find the source of the problem.

Sometimes, these fixes can be simple, but take the time to be sure that the ground is graded away from your foundation and that there are no cracks in it to let the water in.

Insulation is another thing to keep in mind. This will help control the temperature inside your basement, and may even add extra moisture control. When choosing insulation, select one that includes a vapor barrier on both sides.

Consult The Experts

When it comes to ordinances, permits, wiring, and other complex matters, do your due diligence by consulting the experts. They will be able to ensure that any updates you make are up to code and include all the necessary elements, everything from the proper ceilings for access to creating enough space for your home’s HVAC.

Preparing your home to sell? Contact me today and I can help guide you along the way.

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