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That Selling Feeling: Emotions You'll Probably Have When You Sell

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Home is where the heart is, right? While you may try to block out all those wonderful memories as you prepare your home to sell, when you finally hand over the keys to a stranger, you’ll definitely have some feelings. Here are some of the emotions you’ll likely cycle through as you begin to move through the selling process.


Of course, you’re going to feel excitement over selling your home! Once you’ve sold your current home, you get to move into a brand new one just waiting to be outfitted with your possessions, hopes, and tons of new memories. Plus, you get the unique pleasure of welcoming a new family into their brand new home. It’s essentially a passing of the torch. It can fee good to bestow your beloved home onto a new owner.


As you begin the listing of your home, it’s easy to feel a bit of anxiety creeping in. “Will my house sell quickly?” “Will I get a good enough price for it?” “Will I be able to sell at all?” These thoughts can come rushing in, tainting any good feelings you may have initially had about selling. The important thing to do here is to take a deep breath then, let it all out along with your anxiety about selling your house. Unless your home is a dilapidated shack with nothing to offer, your house will sell!


If you’ve received an offer on your home that wasn’t anywhere near what you asked for it, that can be disappointing. While you see the value, charms and potential of your home there’s no guarantee someone else will. It’s important to understand that, depending on the market conditions at the time, you may end up getting less than you paid for the home. Don’t let that deter you! This is also where measuring your expectations and having a local real estate professional at your side can help.


Whew! You’ve finally done it - you’ve sold your home! A buyer put in a great offer and you’ve decided to accept. Once the paperwork is complete, you’ll be off to new adventures in a new home somewhere else. The feeling of finally officially selling your home can feel like a huge weight off of your shoulders. Keep that in mind as you’re waiting for the offers to come in.

Okay, Maybe Just a Little Sadness

Once you actually make the sale, you may find yourself second guessing your choice to sell. Just remember, there’s a reason you decided to sell in the first place. Don’t let the fear of someone else living in your house keep you from accepting a perfect offer.

Finally, Joy

Don’t let all of those other feelings get in your way. Now that you’ve finally sold your home, you’re free! You can now move fully into your new home (and life) without having to worry about this other property. Just think of all the new and exciting memories you’re going to make in this new home with your family. It’s all waiting for you in your brand new house.

With all of these feelings that go along with the home selling process, it can be easy to forget how happy you’ll be when you finally do sell your house. Stay positive and keep the end goal in mind and remember you can call with any of you questions or concerns.

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