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Should you get a Home Warranty when buying or selling a Home?

Home warranties should you get them should you not I always advise people to get a home warranty I always get it with my listings I have everything covered in the property just in case anything breaks kid comes comes in the house knocks something over put something in the wall socket you never know but buyers it's extremely important for you guys to have this home warranty in place even if the seller doesn't already have one in place for you this will cover all of your things in your house like you're you know your stove your refrigerator your AC unit exhaust fans things like that you want to make sure you have that because uh a lot of times when you move into a property um little things like that will add up and it costs a little bit of money to get them replaced for the home warranty you just play a small deductible they come out and uh fix it or replace it make sure you do your research and that your Realtors adding that home warranty to the contract.

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