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Should Home Sellers Get a Home Inspection? Could save you BIG $$$ in the long run

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

It’s typical for home buyers to request a home inspection before closing on a house, but should sellers do the same? While a home inspection may bring up issues you didn’t know your home had, it is also an opportunity to address issues before a buyer negotiates a lower offer for your home or attempts to make you fix the issues before the home closes. Both of these options can result in lost time and money

The Benefits of a Home Inspection to a Seller

It Could Save You Money

If any issues are exposed in a buyer’s inspection report, the buyer will ask for a price reduction, a credit or could make you fix the issues yourself. Depending on the issue and the buyer’s willingness to negotiate, this can lower the original offer amount.

Things you should be prepared to fix:

  • Problems with the foundation

  • Mold

  • Roof issues

  • Leaky pipes

  • Water damage

  • Outdated electrical system

  • Rotted fascia or trim

A Potentially Faster Close

If you are proactive about repairs, this could result in a faster close on the home. You won’t have to deal with negotiating a new price or negotiating the repairs, which will prolong the close of the sale.

Competitive Edge

A pre-listing home inspection can show buyers that you have been proactive and done your due diligence. This can give buyers the confidence they need to know that they are purchasing a healthy home. This leverage can also be useful in the negotiation process because buyers won’t be able to negotiate a lower price for repairs if they have already been completed.

Cons of Getting a Home Inspection

Some believe that a pre-inspection is a waste of time and money and that sellers should wait for the results of the home inspection and add the repairs to the closing cost rather than making the repairs upfront. This may save you time and money, but you should be prepared that if issues are exposed that are serious, this could cause the sale to fall through.

Pre-inspections are Often a Great Idea

A pre-inspection can give you leverage in negotiations and put a buyer’s mind at ease if they are concerned with closing on the home. While this is an added expense, it could help you in the long run and prevent a sale from falling through or encourage multiple offers which could drive up the price of the home.

If it is a buyer’s market, this is something you should seriously consider doing since it will give you a leg up on the competition. This is something that will help your home stand out compared to the other homes for sale in the area. It could attract a buyer that may otherwise not have been interested in your home as well. A home is based on square footage and can run up to $300.

If you are ready to sell your home, let me help. I can guide you through the process with ease and refer professional home inspectors.

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