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Real Estate - Luxury Home Design Trends to Watch Now

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Every new year brings a new set of design trends. From a transition from white kitchens to kitchens full of color to enhancing a space with Art Deco-inspired features, there are so many new design trends that are transforming the look and feel of homes. Here are just a few luxury home design trends to watch in 2018.

Bright & Colorful Kitchens

All white kitchens will be shifting to include more color. From the cabinetry to the sink, there will be plenty of color in the kitchen. You can expect to experience bolder color choices such as red and blue. To complement the increase in color, you can also expect to see a transformation from stainless and all white sinks to color-rich materials like concrete, granite and copper.

Rose Gold Pops Up

Brass will be edged out by rose gold tones. Copper accents and rose gold accents will appear everywhere from appliances to kitchen utensils. Adding a touch of this rose gold to kitchens and bathrooms will bring modern glamour and warmth and will give off an Art Deco vibe.

Appliances Hidden

People are having a bit of stainless steel fatigue. Because of this, homeowners are now paneling appliances to make spaces look larger by hiding their dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. Expect to see more wood tones and less white and gray cabinetry in 2018.

Wallpaper is Back

Decorative wallpapers are making a comeback to give depth to spaces. There are plenty of non-permanent options for wallpaper so even those who live in rented spaces can get in on this trend. You can expect to see all kinds of patterns popping up from floral to palm trees.

Velvet Furnishings

The look of velvet is a huge trend. Velvet couches, velvet pillows and velvet accents are making a splash in home décor for 2018. While we aren’t sure how long this trend will last, it has certainly made headway so far this year.

Tile Changes

Subway tiles have been a popular trend, but in recent months there has been a shift to larger format tiles and even slab sized porcelain sheets. The shift is both in aesthetic and function because larger tile has less grout and is easier to both install and take care of.

Circle Patterns

In 2018, circles are the new triangles and you can expect hard geometrics to be huge. Small accent pillows will feature circular designs as well as wallpaper.

Art Deco Inspiration

Art Deco design is influencing both commercial and residential spaces. Features such as coffered ceilings, bronze-framed windows and metal inlays are just a few options to include Art Deco design into a space. Brushed gold vintage light fixtures are one of the most popular Art Deco-inspired pieces seen in homes in 2018.

If you are looking to make a change to your home’s look, these design trends can help give you inspiration for ways to modernize your space. Add a circle-centric accent pillow or swap out your kitchen backspace for larger tile to implement 2018’s newest design trends.

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