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Quick Tips: Home Staging

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Set the stage for potential homebuyers by staging your home with great décor and furniture to spruce up the space for potential buyers to fall in love with it. Before you ever bring in a professional photographer and before you begin marketing your home, make sure that you have prepared your home for buyers by staging it. Here are a few staging tips to help you get your home open house ready.

Enhance Lighting

Lighting is a game changer. It is a low-cost way to make any space look more attractive. Adding floor lamps and table lamps can add both décor and better lighting, but make sure you don’t overdo it. A single floor lamp can both illuminate a dark corner and improve the look of an entire room.

Float Furniture

Stop depending on the walls of your home to be your guide as to wear to place furniture. Float your furniture by spacing it from the wall. This will help the space be easier to navigate through and will make the space look bigger. Potential buyers should be able to explore the home without having to dodge furniture. Remember, furniture shouldn’t be a distraction. Rather, it should enhance the natural rhythm and flow of the home.

Complement with Flowers

Flowers can add great smells and splashes of color to the home. You can place flowers in bouquets on dining tables or add them to side tables in various rooms. Try to avoid using artificial flowers or plastic fruit as alternatives. Accenting your home with just a few natural flower arrangements here and there will be a great addition.

Make the Bathrooms Spa-Like

Other than the kitchen, the bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in any home. Adding thick white towels and a thick white shower curtain can give the bathrooms a clean, fresh spa-like look. Roll a few bath towels and place them on the tub and place a few rolled up hand towels by the sink. You can also throw in a basket of soaps, candles, etc. This can make any bathroom look like a spa oasis without breaking the bank.

Sell the Lifestyle

You aren’t just selling your home, you are selling your home and the lifestyle that comes with it. You need to help show potential buyers what it will be like living in the home. Adding in a few touches like magazines on the coffee table or a bathrobe in the bathroom can help a buyer envision themselves spending time in the home.

Finally, talk to your realtor about planning open houses on days when community events are happening so that potential buyers can get a vibe of the neighborhood, too. As a realtor, I have many home stagers I can connect you with to prepare your home to be shown to potential buyers. Contact me today!

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