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Preparing to Sell? Here are Home Improvement Projects to Do Now

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

It’s time to move. Your house is in relatively good shape—the furnace and AC are in good condition, the roof is only a few years old—all the major aspects a potential buyer would look for are already checked off. But there are several other home projects you should complete before listing your home. These projects will not only help your home sell quicker, but potentially closer to your original listing price. Here is where to begin, starting from the outside:

Exterior: Increase Your Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is no joke. Whether the buyer is gazing at your home photos online or just driving by, you need to take steps to snag their eye.

  • Clean or paint the trim.

  • Pressure wash any brick or siding that has mildew or other stains.

  • Keep your lawn mowed and hedges and sidewalk edges manicured.

  • Plant colorful seasonal flowers.

All of these tips will help increase the outward appeal of your home. Finally, if your lawn is brown or bare in spots, now is a great time to toss down a bit of fertilizer and seed to green up the space and fill it in.

Interior: Make It Feel Like Home to a Buyer

Imagine you’re a buyer walking through your house for the first time. They’re looking for space, cleanliness, and a fresh, “homey” smell. If this is not your experience walking through your home, it’s time to clean and declutter.

  • Clean all surfaces, including insides and outsides of windows.

  • Shampoo the carpets and treat any persistent stains.

  • Touch up paint or cracks on the walls and ceilings.

  • Gather items to donate or host a garage sale.

  • Rearrange the furniture to make it easier for potential buyers to walk room-to-room.

The “bigger,” cleaner, and more welcoming your home feels, the more enticing to the buyer!

Rooms That Need Special Attention: Kitchen and Bathrooms

Much of a homeowner’s time is spent in the kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen is where most of the socializing occurs and bathrooms are where you often start and end a long day.

  • Wax dull tile floors or replace them altogether.

  • Touch up grout with specialized paint.

  • Break out the plumbing tools or hire a professional to fix any leaking faucets.

  • Unclog and deodorize all drains.

  • Replace any old caulking in the bathroom sink and bathtub.

  • Ensure any built-in drawers open and close easily.

These projects are just the start in preparing your home to sell. A real estate agent can help guide you through this process so you can make the best use of your time. If you are preparing to sell your home, contact me today!

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