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Organizing Your Child’s Playroom

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Typically, there’s a lot of thought that goes into decorating and organizing your home. One room, in particular, that might cause stress is your child’s playroom or play area. You want your kids to have a space of their own, but you don’t want the area to be an eyesore in your home with toys thrown everywhere. There can be a middle ground to keep the room playful yet practical! Here are some ways to organize your child’s playroom to keep it fun and functional.

Maximize Shelving Units

Use baskets to store mismatched toys and books, giving them a home without taking up a lot of shelf space. Glass containers for tiny items such as legos, Play-Doh, and small toys are also great shelf items. To eliminate space, put puzzles in zippered pouches. Just take a picture of the box, print it out, and keep it in the pouch. If you’re afraid of disorganized shelves, use curtains to hide your storage bins.

Section Off the Room

Give your kids designated areas in the room to be “messy.” This way, you can hold them accountable for clean up in one area versus the entire room. Having designated sections where items live can also be beneficial. For example, have an art section to keep all messy things in one place! Colorful art supplies, such as paints or markers, can be great decor, though. Simply put them in jars to display.

Utilize Wall Space

Consider installing floating shelves for your child’s books. This way, you won’t take up floor space with a bookshelf. You can also put the shelves out of your child’s reach if you’re afraid they will destroy the books. You can also give stuffed animals a new home on the walls with hanging wall baskets!

Embrace Hidden Storage

The best way to organize a playroom is to utilize storage space any way you can! Some easy ideas are using ottomans that double as seating and storage, an upside-down garden stool (with see-through wire) to store toy balls, and over-the-door shoe rack organizers for art supplies or smaller items. If you have a little one who likes to play dress-up, install a small clothing rack to store clothes! Not only is it functional, but it’s super adorable.

Choose Reliable Flooring

Parents are often afraid of having carpet or wood flooring in a playroom on account of spills and accidents. Make it easy for you by installing foam flooring — you’ll be able to easily clean up spills, and toys won’t look as out of place. You can’t expect it to be perfectly clean, though. After all, it’s a children’s playroom! All these tips come in handy especially if you are planning to sell your homes and want to tidy it up, if you need more tips feel free to reach out we would love to help you with everything Real estate related.

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