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Design Tips to help your Home Feel Bigger!

Lighten Your Colors

Painting the walls in your home light, neutral colors will help open the room up and make the house seem larger. The same goes for your floors. Try to stay away from dark walls and flooring because this can enclose and shrink a space.

Pull Furniture Away from the Wall Placing furniture directly against the walls of your home will make your rooms feel much smaller. Even pulling the furniture just a few inches from the wall will help make the space feel bigger.

Utilize Multi-Purpose Furniture

For example, beds with drawers embedded in the footboard or ottomans that offer extra storage space are great multi-purpose furniture pieces that can help keep clutter out and keep the space nice and open.

Hang Shelves High

By hanging shelves near the ceiling, this will draw the eye upward and make the room feel larger. Not only does this elongate the room, but it also keeps your space organized and avoids clutter.

Follow the Cantaloupe Rule

Your decorative accents should be larger than a cantaloupe. Smaller décor items will clutter a space and make it feel messy. Instead, aim for implementing fewer large decorations to give the room some flair without overcrowding it with small trinkets.

Choose Statement Furniture

In smaller living rooms, include one large couch instead of multiple smaller pieces of furniture to decrease the look of clutter and make the room feel bigger.

Use a Clear Shower Curtain

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, use a clear shower curtain to avoid blocking off the space.

Leave Windows Uncovered

Natural light will give a space more depth. If you are concerned with privacy, roman shades or blinds rather than curtains can help the space look less crowded.

Implement Mirrors

Mirrors give the illusion that a space is larger than it is. This also doesn’t require taking up too much space either. Whether you place a large mirror in your living room or your bedroom, it will make the space look and feel a lot bigger.

Use Furniture with Exposed Legs

Instead of placing a sofa with a skirt or boxy chairs, use bigger pieces of furniture with exposed legs. This will avoid cutting the room off and will open the space.

Ditch Overhead Lights

Harsh top-down lighting pools all of the light in one space. Use a few small lamps to spread light throughout the room to draw the eye.

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