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4 Reasons to Consider the Winter Home-Selling Season

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

You have probably been told that the spring is the best time to list your home for sale, but we are here to tell you that this is not actually the case. In fact, there are four compelling arguments in favor of listing your home in the winter. Keep these factors in mind when deciding whether to list your home in the winter or to wait until the spring.

Reason #1: There is less competition between sellers

Most people wait until after the holidays to list their home, but this can work in your favor. Listing your home in the winter can help it stand out. Buyers are more likely to take interest in your home since there are less likely to be other similar homes on the market during this time.

Reason #2: Buyers are more motivated when there are limited options

This lack of competition influences buyers as well as sellers. Any buyer that is looking for a home in January is probably motivated to find a suitable property quickly. There are limited options during this time of year because most people choose not to move in the winter.

Families with kids, in particular, tend to want to move during the summer. If they are moving during the winter, they are probably moving for a very good reason and will want to close on a home as soon as possible.

Many corporate relocations occur during this time of year. Families that are moving due to a change in the workplace do not have the luxury of spending months looking for a home. They are looking to finalize a sale quickly, meaning that they are probably seriously considering any homes that they come to visit.

Reason #3: The data supports it

If you look at the statistics, a home that is sold during the winter tends to sell more quickly and for a higher price. Surprisingly, this is true in nearly all markets, including those with very cold winters and those in warmer areas.

On average, homes sell one week sooner during the winter than during the summer. These homes sold for around 1% higher than comparable properties that were sold during the summer months. While 1% might not seem like a lot, it can often mean several thousand extra dollars in your pocket.

Reason #4: Your lender will be more attentive

Because there are fewer people looking to buy and sell homes in the winter, your real estate agents and mortgage brokers are likely to be more attentive to your needs. During the busy season, these real estate and financial professionals are probably working with dozens of clients at a time. During the off-season, their attention will not be divided between as many different projects. Because the lender is less busy, your loan application and paperwork will be processed much more quickly.

In many cases, you might not have the luxury of waiting a few more months to list in spring instead of winter. Rest assured that the decision to list sooner rather than later will not have a negative impact on your finances. Contact our team to learn more about the steps involved in listing your home for sale! We’d love to hear from you.

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