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Nicole G - Buyer - Newark

Raymond is an excellent Realtor. He is not only an endless source of knowledge for real estate matters; he is professional and knows how to negotiate for his clients. I was extremely picky about the house I was looking for, and Ray was very patient with me and was always keeping an eye out for a house that met my criteria. The house he found for me was actually listed with the incorrect square footage, but he insisted on us taking a look at it. It was exactly what I was looking for and had a lot of potential. At one point, I was really nervous about losing the deal, because there were tenants living there that refused to leave, despite the seller demanding them to leave several times. It came down to Ray having to negotiate directly with the tenants. I was really impressed by how he handled this delicate situation with a family that didn't have enough money to move. He followed proper and legal procedure, and he negotiated with the family so that they had the assistance they needed to relocate to another home, including paying for a moving truck out of his own pocket. Ray also referred several contractors that helped remodel my home and it is already worth a lot more than what I purchased it for.<br/><br/>I have the house of my dreams and can't thank Ray enough. I will continue to rely on Ray as my Realtor, and I have already referred his services several times.

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