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Buyer - Livermore

Is you wish to have an agent that you can trust with professional insight of the market, you won't go wrong with Ray. I have recently moved to USA form Australia and I had 0 understanding about how real estate transact in USA, Ray taught me everything - in depth analysis of each process from making offer, reading contract, understanding contingency, strategize negotiation and counter offer. Ray is quick and stay close with my case. During season of June July it's exteremely difficult to get people accepting offers, as there are so many multiple offer situation that blow price out of the water but we managed to lock my property in and close within 20 days. <br/><br/>I could really trust him and because I didn't have much time to go see houses ray completed all inspections for me and run comparables to make right offers, i trusted him so we made offers without me checking the houses that allows us to get acceptance real quick.<br/><br/>During inspection Ray was at my house and went thru everything in detail with insepctors, i felt he really treat this purchase as his own purchase. None of my friends or colleagues has the same level of great experience with any realtor. I am gald and felt really lucky to have Ray as my agent.

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