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Tips For Throwing an Awesome Block Party

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

There’s nothing that brings the neighborhood together like a good ‘ole block party. Block parties help to create an inclusive community that knows and trusts one another. And, most of all, they are tons of fun! If you’re the one taking initiative to get the party started, follow these steps to do so successfully. It all revolves around the right amount of organization.

Form a planning group

A successful block party is pretty difficult to throw all by yourself. Enlist the help of some friends around the neighborhood and formulate a plan with a by-committee approach. This will help you get more done in a timely fashion that ultimately creates more anticipation from others around the neighborhood.

Seek permission from local law enforcement

It may come as a surprise, but there are guidelines as to when and where you can throw a block party. Communicate with the local police department about any regulations or permits you need to follow before you throw the party. For example, there may be certain times that the party must be shut down or zoning laws that prohibit groups of people from congregating – or consuming alcohol – in certain areas. The last thing you want is for your hoppin’ party to get shut down!

Find the right location

Like real estate, when it comes to block parties, location is everything! Identify a family-friendly spot suitable for all ages, away from traffic, and in a centralized location that makes it accessible for the entire neighborhood. Make sure everyone can meet you in the middle. Safety is important, as well. Make sure the play-areas are far enough away from oncoming traffic on the street, and in a well-lit space for when it gets dark.


The best way to spread the word about your block party is by text messaging and social media. Create a Facebook event and invite as many neighbors as you know would be interested in attending. And for the ones aren’t on social media, a group text message or mass email will usually work. Ask people to RSVP so you have a general idea of how many guests to expect. Also, post flyers around the neighborhood and encourage others to let their friends know. You want to make sure no one feels left out!

Get supplies

A block party is only as fun as its amenities. For a family-friendly environment, make sure to provide alcoholic beverages for the adults AND soda/juice for the children. Organize some events – such as a talent show, moonbounce, scavenger hunt, tug-of-war and outdoor movie night – that creates a fun environment. Provide a grill, but encourage the party-goers to bring their best food dishes – whether it’s in the form of appetizers, entrees or desserts. If you’re expecting a lot of people, maybe even consider having the event catered.

Use the tips to throw the best block party possible! We hope you, your family, friends and neighbors have an amazing time!

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