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Realtor Review - Raymond Maestas

Client Testimonial: As a first-time home buyer, the process initially felt daunting, but meeting Ray changed everything. My journey began somewhat rocky, with a different realtor who seemed put off by my lack of clarity on what I was looking for. However, from the moment I reached out to Ray, things took a turn for the better. Ray answered my call immediately and understood straight away that I needed guidance. He suggested we start exploring options within my budget, which was a perfect approach for someone still shaping their home-buying vision. After our first meeting, Ray had a solid grasp of my goals and tailored his search to fit my evolving preferences. We found a home, but my initial lender didn't approve the purchase. I was disheartened, but Ray’s optimism was infectious. He assured me that setbacks were part of the process and encouraged me not to give up. His support was invaluable as I navigated through different lenders, finally connecting with a fantastic team that he worked with seamlessly. Despite losing a bid on a second property to an all-cash offer, Ray's resilience shone through. He promptly found another excellent option and skillfully negotiated a deal that not only secured the home for me but also earned me a $10k seller credit. Working with Ray has been an absolute pleasure. His dedication, expertise, and genuine care for his clients are evident in every interaction. For anyone embarking on the home-buying journey, especially first-timers, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Ray a call. His guidance can transform an overwhelming process into an enjoyable and successful experience.

Ray Maestas Folsom Realtor is a top agent in NorCal specializing in Folsom, Roseville, Fremont, Union City, Fair Oaks, El Dorado Hills, and the surrounding communities


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