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North-Facing or South-Facing Homes: Which is Better for You?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

you are looking for a home, there are plenty of factors you need to consider. While things like the location and property size are important, many buyers forget about one specific detail: which direction does the home face? The truth is the direction your home should face depends greatly on where you live. Let’s look at the advantages of both north facing homes and south facing homes.

South Facing

In colder climates, a south facing home is ideal because the direct sunlight will light the home and provide warmth. In warmer climates like Arizona, a south facing home may not be ideal since the direct sunlight will require higher AC to keep the house nice and cool.

  • Many home designs boast more windows in the back of the house than the front, which means that south-facing homes get more natural light during the day.

  • During the winter months, south-facing homes can result in less expensive heating costs by just opening curtains in the front of the house.

  • In the summer months, the sun will be high in the sky which means that south-facing homes will still get a decent amount of light, but the direct heat from the sun can be dissipated by a good roofing design, especially if it uses overhangs in the front.

  • If you are interested in installing solar panels, having a south facing home will be ideal since the roof will be naturally facing the sun for most of the day.

North-Facing Home

North-facing homes also have many benefits.

  • Bedrooms located at the back of the home will receive plenty of light during the day and you will get to see evening sunsets even better if you have a backyard.

  • Since the front of your home will not be exposed to light all throughout the day, your home will experience less natural wear and tear from the sun on the exterior paint.

  • In the winter, the extra light will help keep the home warm if you are located in a colder climate.

  • According to Vastu Shastra, north-facing homes attract positive energy into the home creating healthy vibrations and ensuring prosperity for those who call it home.

Many people never even think twice or ask about which way the home facts and are perfectly content. On the other hand, you may want to ask this question before purchasing a home if you don’t want to be blasted by the sun in the morning. During walkthroughs, make sure to ask your realtor which direction the home faces. While this may not be a make it or break it factor on whether or not you buy a home, it is nice to be prepared by knowing which direction the home faces.

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