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How Does Mold Removal Work and What Does It Cost?

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

How Does Mold Removal Work and What Does It Cost?

While nobody wants to find out that there is mold growing in their home, it is better to nip it in the bud as soon as you find out it is there. Putting off treatment can allow the mold to spread, resulting in a longer, more costly mold removal process. Fortunately, mold removal does not have to cost a small fortune. With a little bit of research, a few spare hours, and some advice from an experienced professional, you can treat your mold problem without breaking the bank.

Should I Pre-Test for Mold?

Some professionals will recommend that you pre-test for mold, but this is not usually necessary. If you know that the mold is there, you do not need to waste time and money testing for mold and determining what type of mold is growing in your home. The treatment plan is usually the same regardless of the type and quantity of mold growth. Because of this, late-stage mold testing is usually an unnecessary expense.

The one exception to this rule is if you need “hard proof” of the mold growth any reason. If you need written documentation establishing the quantity of mold growing in your home, it can be worth having a professional perform a mold assessment. This is especially worthwhile if you are looking to purchase the home and hope to negotiate the price down based on the mold growth.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

Like with any project, the costs associated with mold removal will vary based on the scope of the project. An isolated incident will be easier to deal with than a widespread outbreak. If the mold covers less than 10 feet, you might even be able to take care of the problem on your own.

Before getting any quotes, you should know that extensive mold removal can easily cost over $1000 if you hire a reputable company. However, that does not mean that you should immediately accept a high price quote. If you think that the cost seems excessive, it is a good idea to get multiple quotes from several reputable local companies.

On the other end of the spectrum, you should avoid working with any company that quotes you an abnormally low price. Like with anything in life, you get what you pay for. A low quote will most likely correlate with a lower quality of work. If the mold professionals do not do a thorough job when treating your home, your mold problem could come back soon after treatment, putting you back at square one. If this occurs, you will be forced to pay a second company to come in and retreat the mold growth.

What Steps Are Involved in Treatment?

Mold treatment has two main steps. The first is to remove the mold from all the affected areas. In many cases, this involves replacing the affected sections of drywall. The second step is to remove the spores and other particles from the air. A professional will use HEPA air scrubbers that will ventilate the area and ensure that the air in your home is healthy for your family to breathe.

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