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Your Moving Day Checklist / Union City Contacts

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The goa.l of any move is to stay as organized and stress free as possible. However, stress and chaos can wreak havoc in the weeks leading up to the day of the move. If you plan ahead and stay focused on a checklist, your moving day (and the days leading up to it) can and will go smoothly. Use this checklist from seasoned movers if you feel the stress of your move weighing down on you

Six Weeks Before The Move

Now is the time to focus on planning your move. The hot topics include finding help, finding a mode of transportation, and going through the contents of your home to decide what will make it to your next home. If you have an answer to the questions listed below, your planning is complete!

Plan how to move. Will you do the heavy lifting yourself? Will you hire help? Or, hire a full-service company?

  • Figure out your mode of transportation. Will you need to rent a truck, use your own, or borrow a friend’s? Will your hired movers have everything you need?

  • Declutter your home! Will everything make it to your next home? Or, is it time to purge unwanted items?

Supplies to Begin Packing

Packing itself is tedious, but gathering the supplies needed without a plan can be an unachievable task. Reference this comprehensive checklist when shopping your supplies so that you can begin packing without numerous trips to the store.

  • Boxes of various sizes

  • Tape of all sorts

  • Scissors

  • Box cutters

  • Sticker labels

  • Markers

  • Packing material (bubble wrap, paper fill, ect.)

  • Rope, twine, bungee cords, tie downs

  • Felt pads to protect floors

  • Moving blankets to protect furniture in transit

  • Basic cleaning supplies

Moving Tips

It’s understandable to still feel some stress during a move, but use these easy tips to break down the tasks so that nothing becomes too overwhelming.

  • Set a goal that is achievable with your schedule. For example, plan to pack only 1 room a day.

  • Use one style of box per room so that unpacking is seamless.

  • DO NOT pack the boxes on move-in day, you will forget something and have too much to do for one day.

  • Have everything packed and moved to the first floor for easy loading the day of the move.

  • After packing a room, close the door - think out of sight out of mind - so you and your helpers are aware that the room is cleared.

Must Haves and Items to Unpack First

The last thing you’ll want after a long day of moving is to have trouble finding the necessities. Be sure that when the items listed below are packed, they are clearly marked. Additionally, load these items last so that they are easily accessible when you get to your new home.

  • Keys. The keys for your new home are always a must.

  • Basic first aid items: Advil , band-aids , a thermometer, tweezers, etc...

  • Chargers and batteries: Phone, laptop, tablet

  • Sheets and pillows

  • Extra changes of clothing

  • Toiletries: Soap, shampoo, toilet paper

  • Shower curtain (often a forgotten item)

  • Plates, cups and silverware

If you are getting ready to sell, or shopping for a new place to call home, give me call! I’d love to hear from you.

Important contacts to transfer service for you new Union city home:

PG&E - 1800-743-5000 -This is company that supplies Gas and electricty

ACWD - 510-668-4200 - This is company that supplies Water

Republic services - 510-657-3500 This is the company that services your garbage - also chk cans on site they will have a phone number on them.

Comcast for Cable/Internet - 1800-934-6489

East bay mud - for sewer and city plumbing -

City of Union City - 510-675-5348

Union City Police dept - 510-471-1365

Home Warranty - First American Home Warranty - Covers everything in you home for the first year, if anything breaks or needs service please call them : 1800-444-9030 order # (10768038701)

And of course the most important number to remember is

Raymond Maestas 510-932-2964 who will help you with anything in his power


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