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Tip on How to improve in door lighting

Tips to Improve Your Interior Lighting

Let there be light! Interior lighting is truly everything when it comes to a room. Even if you have a room with a lot of natural light, it still helps to have well-placed light sources in your home. A well-lit room makes a huge difference in a home to make it feel more comfortable. Here are some tips to let the light in.

Layers of Light

Place light fixtures in different areas of a room to create multiple layers of light. These layers add extra dimensions to a room and create interesting visuals.

Use these three layers to add dimension to a room and make your room more visually appealing.

Ambient lighting -General lighting that is typically provided by overhead chandeliers or light fixtures.

Task lighting -Lighting that solves a problem. If you’re lighting the corner where you sit in your recliner and read, that lighting is solving a problem for you.

Accent lighting -This lighting doesn’t necessarily complete a task for you but it adds interest to a room (i.e. wall sconces in a hallway).

Dimmer Controls

This may seem like an unnecessary extra feature, but it comes in handy and will look great when it comes time to sell your home. Dimmer switches make a room more versatile and multifunctional. You may think that one room is too bright for a certain activity but once you add dimmer switches, the power is in your hands! A dining room that typically serves as a place for the kids to do their homework transforms into a romantic date night spot once you dim the lights. This is an inexpensive upgrade that takes only a little elbow grease.

Lit Cabinets

If you have beautiful sets of cabinets in your kitchen, show them off. Adding lighting strips on baseboards under cabinets allow your guests to get an eyeful of your gorgeous cabinet selection. Plus, it doubles as a functional way of seeing where you’re going at night. Overhead cabinets with glass front doors are a perfect place to add lights as they make displaying your fine china much more aesthetically pleasing. Lights can also be added under your overhead cabinets - this will stop you from always turning on your overhead light and lighting up the entire kitchen. Your midnight snack runs to the kitchen won’t require you to blind yourself with a glaring overhead light!

Add a Focal Point

You might think that chandeliers are only for entryways but chandeliers can add a serious point of interest to other areas of your home. Chandeliers are perfect for creating a centerpiece of a dining room. Quirky chandeliers like these are a fun way to add light and color to your kids’ rooms. Adding a chandelier to a master bedroom can add elegance that can help define the rest of your room.

Lighting doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be one dimensional. There are so many ways to light a space that you don’t have to stick to just one method. Hopefully, these tips will help to light your way to a more well-lit home!


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