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New Hot spot coming this Summer in Downtown Sac

As we always say!!! Getting you into the home is the easy part! However, once your in the neiborhood we want to point you the right way and get you assimilated! New hot spot coming this Summer in downtown Sac!!! “The Morning After” located in the DOCO region is going to be Sacramento’s top brunch spot and defintley not a place you will want to miss out on. Opening sometime between July and September this new spot is going to provide DOCO with a classy, refined, vibrant, and fresh vibe wih rooftop access and views. The Morning After will be a one of a kind experience in Sacramento and you will have to check in as soon as it opens. Day parties, good food, even better drinks, and a well put together staff will ensure an experience Sacramento hasn’t seen before. See y’all there!

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